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FINANCIAL AGREEMENTS AND AUTHORIZATION FOR TREATMENT: I hereby authorize Raleigh Medical Group, Cary Medical Group, Raleigh Adult Medicine, Wake Endoscopy Center and Wake Forest Endoscopy Center (“RMG/CMG/RAM/WEC/WF ENDO") and its physicians and such assistants as a physician may designate to furnish and perform on me or the patient stated above ("Patient") such medical care, examination and treatment as may be ordered by an RMG/CMG/RAM/VEC/WF ENDO physician in his or her medical judgment and such medical care, examination or treatment as is reasonable incident thereto. I hereby authorize direct payment to RMG/CMG/RAM/WEC/WF ENDO of all medical insurance benefits (including without limitation Medicare and Medicaid benefits) to which the Patient is entitled in consideration of services to be rendered by RMG/CMG/RAM/WEC/WF ENDO to the Patient. I understand that, to the extent permitted by applicable law, I am, and I agree hereby to be, financially responsible to RMG/CMG/RAM/WEC/WF ENDO for charges not covered by this agreement, and I hereby guarantee payment to RMG/CMG/RAM/WEC/WF ENDO on demand for all such charges.

AUTHORIZATION TO RELEASE INFORMATION: I hereby authorize RMG/CMG/RAM/WEC/WF ENDO to furnish, to the extent permitted by applicable law, any medical information acquired in the course of the Patient's examination and/or treatment to any insurance company, government agencies and their agents, and professional review organizations with which the Patient may have insurance coverage or which may be assisting in payment of the medical care provided by RMG/CMG/RAM/WEC/WF ENDO to the Patient. I also hereby authorize RMG/CMG/RAM/WEC/WF ENDO to release any medical information to any licensed physician, health care provider, or medical facility to which the Patient may be referred, admitted or transferred for further medical care. I understand that I may revoke this authorization by written notice at any time except to the extent that action already has been taken.