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Report Card

At Binson’s Home Health Care Centers, 100% customer satisfaction is our goal. We appreciate customer feedback in order to determine if we are achieving our goal and to identify areas requiring improvement. Please take a moment to complete the following survey to assist us in evaluating our Quality System. You may submit this form completely anonymously, however, we hope that you will include your name and address/or phone number so we can contact you, if necessary.


Please rate the following statements below by selecting the appropriate option:

Condition of the equipment and/or supplies you received (consider cleanliness, working order, packaging, etc.)
Order was received by you at the expected time.
Staff were courteous, knowledgeable and helpful.
Instructions on the use and care of equipment/supplies were clear, complete, and questions were answered to your satisfaction.
Service staff demonstrated a caring attitude and were sensitive to your needs and/or situation.
Rate your overall experience with Binson’s.
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