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 Please Check I Agree box if you acknowledge and agree:
I have read and/or have had explained to me and understand all of the following Shelby Wellness and Therapy Center (SWTC) documents: Agency Policies/Procedures, Informed Consent, Insurance Information and Release Form, Audio/Video Recording Preferences, and Couples/Family/Child and Group Therapy Privacy Policy. I understand these are posted on the company's website and I may either print these from the internet or request and receive written copies of them by SWTC at any time. By signing and dating below I accept full responsibility to comply with all policies of SWTC.  
I understand that any balance over 60 days past due will incur a 1.5% interest fee, retroactive to the date of service, and that it is my responsibility to pay this balance regardless of any expectation on my part of third-party reimbursement. I realize that any money received by Shelby Wellness and Therapy Center, from third parties, over and above my indebtedness will be refunded to me after my account is paid in full, including any interest charges, at the end of treatment, or of the fiscal year, whichever comes last.  
I acknowledge that there is no guarantee of results. I am responsible to pay in full, any balance for services rendered regardless of the outcome of therapy. I also realize SWTC may utilize all legal means to collect unpaid balances, and that I may incur further costs associated with the collection of this debt, including but not limited to legal fees and reimbursement for administrative time spent in the collections or court process.  
I will be responsible for arriving on time, and for making and keeping all appointments. I realize that if I opt out of reminder text messages/emails/phone calls, I will not receive reminders and that SWTC is not responsible to remind me of my appointments. I understand that insurance companies do not reimburse for missed appointments. Any non-emergency missed appointments or cancellations without a minimum of 24 business-hours’ notice will incur the entire session fee (not a co-pay or discounted rate). Business hours are Monday and Wednesday 9am to 5pm, Tuesday and Thursday 9am to 9pm, and two Saturdays per month 9am to 4pm.  
I read in the Informed Consent document, or have had explained to me, the potential risks of therapy and by signing below have agreed to all conditions. I understand the limits of confidentiality described in the Informed Consent document. Alternative treatment options have been or will be explained to me in my first appointment to my satisfaction, and I take responsibility to ask any questions I may have regarding this or anything else regarding my treatment. I also realize SWTC is not a crisis service, and I realize I will need to call 911 if I am in a life-threatening emergency.


As a standard practice in the psychotherapeutic context, therapists and therapists-in-training
occasionally audiotape or videotape counseling sessions for purposes of case review with peers
and/or supervisors, or for use in training, research or professional publication.

Therapists and therapists-in-training at Shelby Wellness and Therapy Center (SWTC) may
occasionally choose to tape sessions for the above purposes, with the express understanding that
confidentiality will be protected to the highest professional standard, and that no identifying client
information would be used in any publications or research without specific consent to this effect.

Recordings of all counseling sessions will be destroyed immediately after its use as stated above, and
will not become a part of the clients' permanent record.

Clients of SWTC have the right to decline audio and/or video taping of counseling sessions; this is
not a condition of treatment. Please sign below indicating your understanding of this policy, and
your preference regarding the occasional use of audio/video tapes for the above stated purposes.

Please check this box if you prefer not to have any appointments taped at this time. 
 Please Check this box if you understand the audio/video taping policy and give your consent to have your counselor occasionally record your sessions.


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