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New Patient Information Form

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Insurance Information (Please present ALL Insurance Cards and Picture ID)


Information for Statistical Reporting Only

If yes, please specify who and their relation to you and provide a copy of document to CHWP.



What are your top 3 goals for your first appointment?


Because we are partially funded by a federal grant, we are asked to collect income information. Please determine the number of persons in your household and check your annual (yearly) income range. This information is for generalized reporting regarding the health center. NO PERSONAL INFORMATION IS SHARED, but we may recommend completing our sliding fee scale application based on your response.



Health History


Past Medical History

Please check any condition you have been diagnosed with by a medical professional/provider.

Osteoarthritis of
Hypercholesterol ADHD
Asthma Hypertension Bipolar Disorder
Birth defects Thyroid:         Borderline Personality
Bleeding disorder:(type if known)
Gestational diabetes Schizophrenia
Cancer of
Kidney Disease Other:
COPD Liver disorder
Dementia:(type if known)
Diabetes:     Stroke


Please list all medications, vitamins, supplements that you are currently taking. Please bring medications.

Medication name Dosage (mg) How often per day


Please list medication, food, health related allergies and reactions. If reaction not known, enter "unknown".




Date: Location: Reason for stay: Length of stay:

Surgical History

  Date:   Type of Surgery:   Hospital/location:

Family History

  Condition Mom Dad Dad's Dad Dad's Mom Mom's Mom Mom's Dad Sibling Child
  Birth Defects                
  Bleeding Disorder                
(indicate type)
  Heart Disease                
  High Colesterol                
  Heart Attack                
  Thyroid Issues                

Social History

Have you been sexually active in the last 12 months? 
Men, women, or both: 
Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease? Type:
Type of contraceptive/protection used:


Female History

  Date of Last Period: 
  Age at first period:
  Number of pregnancies: 
  Number of children: 
Any chance you are pregnant now? 
Complications during pregnancy?
Last PAP Smear
Where performed:
Last Mammogram
Where performed:

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