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What Living Expense Assistance is Needed?

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Date Of Birth:

Social Security Number:

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Applicant Street Address

Emergency Contact Phone Number:

Emergency E-mail  Contact:

Emergency Contact Information:

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Total Household Income (Include income of all persons living in the home)


Income Verification:

FIRST PAGE ONLY - Tax Return - Year 1                                 

 FIRST PAGE ONLY - Tax Return - Year 2    

Copy of Most Recent Treatment Plan.  A Treatment Plan is a statement from your Oncologist indicating:

1) Diagnosis
2) Treatment Applicant is Currently Receiving, and
3) Length of Applicant Expects to Receive Treatment for Cancer.

** DO NOT INCLUDE complete medical history, ie. record of office visits, or any documentation that does not pertain to the Treatment Plan.
Your Application will not be considered unless a Current Treatment Plan is provided.

Have you applied for food and medical assistance from the state of Florida? (Select One)

Please Upload a Letter of Assistance or Denial.

Amount of Rent / Mortgage:

Upload Lease Agreement or Mortgage Information

I understand and agree that the information supplied by me may be shared with other funding sources, and community services for benefits and planning on my behalf:   
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I attest that I am a resident of Monroe County and that I must pursue all relevant Federal, State, Local, Public and Private Resources for medical and financial assistance in a timely fashion before, and co-incidental with receiving any financial assistance from the Cancer Foundation of the Flrida Keys, Inc.
Please initial:

I understand that I may be ineligible for service if, at any time, I have been found to have deliberately misled any representative of the Foundation.
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